Snow Miku 2020 Entry

投稿日:2019/04/12 17:53:16 | サイズ:2000x1800px(1,136KB) | 閲覧数:609 | カテゴリ:クリプトン公式

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This is my first time joining the Snow Miku 2020 contest :D Haha, I decided to use a tonkori as the instrument for the theme. Design wise, I was inspired by tonkori songs' title for my Snow Miku design (The Sound Of The Wind and The Chirping Of Birds). So, the design was suppose to be light and have something to do with air (cloud-like design with little auras). Some of the designs on her, like the blue diamond, are inspired by the tonkori itself. Hope you like it :D

Snow Miku 2020 Entry


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