Synchronized Version Miku

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This is my idea of her updated futuristic original wear. Her original wear was simple enough to have a lot of room for many different themes, so I intend that this outfit will leave that option open too. This outfit is to challenge against the stereotypical American flag outfit recently submitted. I don't mind having more modifications to this design, but I want Miku looking similar or parallel to the Original. Thus I came up the name "SYNCHRONIZED VERSION".


Synchronized Version Miku

My alias is Spi.

Hi, I am a long-term fan of Miku from the United States! Over three years I've listened to her music. I'm happy to hear news of her arrival to U.S., so I decided to register to submit outfits of Miku which I would consider to look great in her arrival here. Her original model will always be my favorite however! I also like Phantasy Star Online, it's one of my most favorite games! Hello everyone and I hope give a great contribution to this website!

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