Virgo Snow Miku 2017

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Hello everyone! watashi wa SakuMeii. I'm turning 15 years old on 28 april 2016. Actually i still beginner on design dress with computer. But yet i already wait for this for so long. Finally!Ok! Let's start!
Q= Why is it a Virgo?
A= Cause Hatsune miku birthday is 31 Aug that means Miku horoscope was Virgo that why I use Virgo.
Q= Why Miku hair look like that?
A= Cause I always saw Miku twintail so i think Miku should change her hair a bit.
Q= Why is Miku face has Tatoo?
A= It's Rare deal guys! cause i think Miku face should has some sticker so that the Face doesn't look so empty. Anything like that...
Hope you Like it guys! also who participate this event i hope a good luck!

Virgo Snow Miku 2017




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