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Here's a song I wrote for the Magical Mirai 2019 song contest.

Mixed and mastered by Michael Cushion Jr

Illustration by Lily Grasso


+ 追加

illustration by Derek Spearさん


System initialized
Startup sequence almost complete
Power cells fully charged
Internal agents march to the beat

Target dead ahead
Approaching the gateway threshold
Set course to intercept
The future now starts to unfold

The beat goes pulsing on
This digital phenomenon
Distorting time and space
Prepare for the shockwave

Hyperdrive activated
The known world disappears from sight
Body shifting
Racing forward faster than light

Alternate reality
Physical laws do not apply
Crossing infinity
All within the blink of an eye

The beat goes pulsing on
This dimensional phenomenon
Distorting time and space
Prepare for the shockwave

Proximity warning
Preparing to break and enter
Silence shattered
Bursting from the epicenter

Payload delivered
The sheer force cannot be contained
Echoes spreading
Your world will never be the same

The beat goes pulsing on
This dimensional phenomenon
Ripping through time and space
Prepare for the shockwave

もっとみるLyrics by Derek Spearさん



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    Definitely an improvement from the last contest entry when it comes to the style and guitar tones... although the compo and the way you're going about your chord progressions sounds minutely questionable. Still, the execution of it turned out pretty good for what it is... I would listen to this again every now and again, and it's a pretty cool song when it comes to sound design.


    2019/02/02 06:33:02 From  WintermintP

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    Thanks, really appreciate the feedback!

    2019/02/02 06:55:29 Derek Spear

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