【Hatsune Miku V3 English】Can you govern by fight

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【Hatsune Miku V3 English】Can you govern by fight【Original song】



Taking blasts and the cheers of the people
of the feeling that came to a deadlock; and,
looking down intelligence and giving priority to the true intention,
you fans the fluffy popular will such as
"if there is mood of high feeling, society will be managed anyway"
or "go, go, and do it steadily, and very straight".
You look down on ideal without having any ideal, and,
with unprincipled manner and wait-and-see policy,
you often change your opinions for opportunism around.
You look down on ideal as an empty principle, and your manner is haughty
and shows off strength only by the force without grounds.
You may be the real king of naked.

You create hypothetical enemies and attack earnestly
and threat them so hard.
After taking all people to pieces, and having lost community;
you insist that "Take the responsibility in individuals".
Long live to the self-responsibility."
Besides that, do you have any hope?

You bundle up all people who are full of occluded feelings or
cornered or, who are without the place to go,
who are very sad and lonely and angry.
If these very dull hard daily life becomes the drama,
if it becomes dramatic, their feelings to be pleasant are fanned.
And they will be fun only at the moment.

So long as there are even thrill and force,
there should be even it. That is all for them.
It does not matter what will come afterward
only if they can feel good at the moment.
But what would they do after that,
after having excited acutely and strongly?
After temporary enthusiasm is over,
hard days would continue again.

You have no interests about the improvement for time
from the very beginning point, of course.
If it is concluded quickly, it would be all right
even if it's wrong.
So can you make the bright future with such manner?
Will we be able to be really happy with your policy?
Possibly do you give up the your future itself? We hope not.

Can you govern this world by fight?
Can you improve the world by a quarrel on earth? Is it really?
You and we should decide it by likes and dislikes.
Let's confine the objection. Will that be all right?.
Pent-up anger is good in it if we clear myself.
So is it really right for most of us?
Can this world be governed by quarrels on earth?
Can it be really relieved?

2007年末に、ふとしたことから知ったVOCALOID、およびDTM環境の大いなる※いろいろな可能性に魅せられ、作曲を基礎から勉強し、初音ミク用に作詞作曲を開始。そして、皆さんの仲間に加わることといたしました。 (※ 「いろいろな可能性」について具体的には下記参照のこと)

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