Japan Town

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I have a friend living in Japan and she says that many cities which were once bright throughout the night are now dark to conserve energy. This banner design entry is inspired from this.

Japan Town

Hello, I love miku! English only.



  • 足掻く

    by ハチトラさん

  • 01

    by あづさきさん

  • Soul Driver

    by きらばがにさん

  • あわミクちゃん

    by いもらーさん

  • ミクの夏

    by BEEKさん

  • SNOW MIKU2023

    by lILiさん

  • the Circle

    by きらばがにさん

  • 部分分数分解

    by 苺紅茶さん

  • らくらく

    by 初白まみむさん

  • 雪ミク2023

    by 梨伊荼さん