paraffin dove (地味に修正版)

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i have no pride, no greed, no lust
maybe nobody can punish me for my sin
that's the reason why i stray into the pool of rain
oh my Lord, it's my ark
i don't want nobody to get on board
do not touch do not trespass on the sacred precincts
all i heard was the sound of falling rain
rain sound grieves this wonderful world

paraffin dove
you know sky
tell me world you can see
i fear You will be polluted ash like bright pristine snow
paraffin dove
time has come
i must go to the close
and thank you, grief
you are my…

paraffin dove
what are you thinking
so dark, so cold, so dim, so dull
this lonely travel makes me tired
there is no pleasure
there is no rain that fails to cease
someone said to me but it's true? it's lie
i know that my Load never stop this hard rain

paraffin dove
under sky
tell me world you can see
the olive leaf you plucked off is the emblem of my brilliant despair
paraffin dove
tell me why you are crying
the Herley's coach surely takes me to beautiful Eden
under moon
anyone can't defy lapse of time
paraffin dove sings in celebration of my death
mortals have declined in this way
paraffin dove sings

もっとみるLyrics by ね。さん

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