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Why am I afraid
We are congenial
The rain has subside
counting the days until end

【A1 b】
Drink it down and laugh it off
say funny order
The light are blinking
come between heart
Please give love to me

dream of the lie is seen on countless occasions
-this sound like a some send
presents the gambler's wandering to a lovely cat
-fold paper into figures

I'm sorry for being not ab
le to fondle you who is cry
I want to embrace you closely
at that time when it is possible to meet

The sky at which it looked up
deeply learns that I am a tiny really person in blue like trans parent
deeply learns that I am a tiny really person in blue like trans parent
a variety of yoga classes I guess I haven't listened to them in a u
and they come up regularly come to om tonight
for our just lanched spring dishes personal om
automatically saves your selections for quick and easy meditation

laughs for a long time
fulfill the dream
If you turn around
I recall the passing a way day

The life is offered in one place with out
-Light spills in the space curiosity of me
Want to become like the star tossed about space
-Only one now though there are innumerably choices

Forbidden fruits Smell of sweet candy
Reflects in marbles
Insect that stops in artificial flower

He is a sink while stopping laughing as for
-branch of trees in forest is roped
The rainbow that hung in the sea in the star
-word that was not able to be said

The word of vicinity through
birth in the morning is still far
wish is put dream that the star falls
Hot sigh of witch who left deep mystery

face of you who watch remains
and sobbed was quiet thinning shadow and more
this script easy listening so perfect with out you say
There is no meaning in all things so

Old mother gentle to the earth in the star
-Do you remember the content of crime commit mitted
rain in the dark of two people that rains hard
-Trap of me who jumped at correct andwer counterfeit

is dream like
is phantom
this is pen :>






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