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「マジカルミライ 2017」楽曲コンテストのために書いた曲です。TomorrowとYesterdayに続いてTodayという曲名にしました。Future Bassの要素を入れた電波曲です。宜しくお願い致します。


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In your silent studio
Painting one white window
Eyeing a far off deadline
Thinking about tomorrow
Maybe you need not hurry
Maybe you need not worry
Eyeing a far off future
You can finish surely

In your well-lit workshop
On your latent laptop
Though you're taking a break
Soon you'll work it nonstop
Maybe you're not yet all set
Maybe you're not set to jet
Eyeing a far off future
You have plenty of time left

This is Miku from the PPP brigade
And we're here to motivate you with this raid
This procrastination's gotten out of hand
Now we ask that you comply with our demand
So in case you don't deliver what we seek
We will tie you up and slap you with a leek
We will show you the way
We will show you today

(Just do it) Here and now, 'cause I won't take a no!
(I'm gonna) Show you how, before tomorrow
(So don't just go) Put it off, like you did all of yesterday
Don't delay, just do it today---!

もっとみるLyrics by zalasさん




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