If I realize this one secret feeling for you
I dont think i would be able to hide anymore
Falling in love with, just you

Tripping all around and not that outstanding sounds like a darn weakling to me
"Watching you makes me so irritated all the time"
Who would guess such a weak coward like you would be older than me? Was i rude?
First impression not so great
Kinda bad way for a start;;

Since the day we met, every time my eyes chase to you
Once the eye sights cross, every time your grin welcomes gently
What do i do now? Guessing running wont solve this anymore...

Someday ill have to admit my true feelings for you
How many more? Hey! moments with you
Do i have to count before i realize?
If i realize this one secret feeling for you
Hiding it will be pain, i dont think ill handle it great...
Falling in love with, just you.

So close but far away...Why won't you look at me? You seem to have changed a lot.
Cause for that, crystal clear.
Seems like i couldnt do the same...
'Loved you first' doesnt change my superiority,
hard knock life, but is the truth.
You dont need anything.
You were perfect as you were.

Since when was that I felt like we started to part ways...
Once the eyesights cross, every time i shut myself out the way
What do i do now? Of course i want to talk to you...

Someday will I be able to find my way?
How many more? Hey! Steps do i take?
So that you can see who truly loves you.
If you realize this one secret feeling for you
Awkwardness between us probably will spread farther...
Sending my true love, to you.

God isnt so nice every time. Sounds like bad timing...
Hiding the letter behind my
back thats filled with my feelings
Please dont be so down.
Listen. Someone cares for you.

Shouting from my heart, didnt seem to reach over you.

How many more? Hey! Steps to you
Did i have to count so you would realize?
Feelings keep flowing, cant control it anymore.
My little bitter sweet love story shall end right here.

But still, dont i seem ill keep this feeling in my heart??


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