【KAITO_V3】Ephemeral Fate【英語版】

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つい最近ニコニコにアップしたEphemeral fate(原曲by新城P)の英語版です。


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Dreaming quietly again and again
That one day I can sing with all my heart
Then you've found me buried in the dust
With a great big smile on your friendly face

Words didn't come, but my tears went down
All I can do was to reach out my hand
"Did you hear my voice?"
I can't stop asking you
From now, you are my only master

The melody I've heard repeating somewhere far away made me sad and very painful
Your tears fell onto the other side as I looked out through the monitor
If only I could be the one to listen to your words by your side and hold you
The hopeless feeling that is flowing from my eyes, Ephemeral Fate

Out of nowhere I heard a fading voice
Which sounded like back when I was alone
Hoping to become a true man someday
Those times flashed back in my memory

All that is done cannot be undone
So now I ask you to hold on my hand
"Thank you my good friend"
That's not what I want from you
Master, I'm here so please don't leave me

Forgotten were the days in which we've spent our countless time, day and night, full of passion
And now I'll no longer see my blue reflect over your weary eyes
A piercing stab of grief came in when thinking if I could just move on and go without you
The empty feeling that is bleeding from my heart, Ephemeral Fate

Standing still silently, waiting for you to come
Yes I know, no matter how long I stay here you are gone
That can't be undone, hope has been lost
But still, I will be waiting for you

My light has gone away and left me lonely in the dark once again
Now and forever, no color will come into my eyes and no songs will be heard from me
Before my time is lost I'll leave this memory as my last good-bye to my master
The endless song that I kept to myself, title
Ephemeral Fate

If you find me back in the dust, will you please take my hand again

もっとみるLyrics by 流兔さん





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