Pandora's Dream

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Lyrics for "Pandora's Dream feat. Hatsune Miku"
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I’m dreaming in this fantasy
The colours of your life you show to me
As you reach for my hands holding me
This warmth that I can feel, that I can finally see

I saw you silently standing there
You glanced around and ran to me
The dreadful eyes that I wished to had never seen
In me, those hazy days are now gone
I’d cried away the pain of those past days
But you insist to refrain

Leading me through the green forests floors
You could feel the breeze, never-ending canopies
Where the brightest light would never wish to reach

There’s no need to reminisce, you grinned
The dark things that happened long ago
You can’t just carry on, I trusted

You said, in this world that never ends
You can sing the songs that you hold near your heart
The melodies that no one will find out here
In this solemn life where you are blessed with peace
There are times, you won't find the right mind

We can say goodbye to this night of sorrow thoughts
Let it burn, watch those flowers bloom
As we sing and dance to these tunes
Colouring this sky that was once a darkened grey
Paint the seas and the trees you choose
This world I have made can you see
Everlasting praise


I can see right through your lies
In this world that is all colourful here
You just won’t need such misery here
There is no need to cry, I’ll stay by your side

"Voacaloid Producer" from Australia works in English.