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Just Say Good-bye

Just say good-bye [作詞作曲] Chief Meat [歌] 結月ゆかり(歌)、初音ミク(ラップ) [ラップ] Wagwan. Chief's got a song. Come, sing along. It's about a hot chick who ain't so strong. Yukari's chic when she wore purple. Stood out among the people like a shiny sparkle. She never had luck with faithful guys. Lotsa cheap blokes had heard her cries. They scammed and left without saying good-bye. And she sang whenever she felt like she was gonna die. Check it out. [Aメロ] Don't you love me now? How can you just walk out? Have I been your walking wallet all this time? The way you spoke. It makes me choke. I feel like laughing at a really bad joke. Baby, let's rewind. Can you read my mind? When you cared and when you shared. You never made me scared. [Bメロ] Why aren't we the same? Haven't I been your favorite puppet? Darling, you have been too lame. You'd better pay 'cause you got busted. Man up and take the blame. You’ve been seeing girls I glare at with hatred. Don't you realize? You've lost the game. Hope you got enough chips in your pocket. Out of cash? That's a shame. Have you noticed that you have no credit? I don't want to hear it. Please don't be a hypocrite. And be honest, as you once promised. [サビ] Just say good-bye. All I want now is the courtesy. Please, let me cry. For our long-lost broken fantasy. Both you and I, neither of us faced the reality, and let days pass by, as we grew older too carelessly. Why? I can only sigh. The ache is softly tormenting me. Don't ask me why. Maybe we aren't meant to be. [ラップ] I sigh while I pack what you left in my room. I grab your shirt and I smell her perfume. From your fishy attitude, I can pretty much assume, my place had been one of your free bedrooms. Looking at the door you just slammed and I weep. How you left makes me feel that I'm so cheap. I wish I never was a backup for you to keep. I crashed on my bed screaming, “Someone please put me to sleep!” [Aメロ] My good friends call. I tell them about the brawl. They all rage because he dumped me after all. But what they say for me, it's merely sympathy. I know. Soon they'll look for buzzing news to read. I know where I stand. I should just understand. I have to let it go, and not wear out with sorrow. [Bメロ] Why didn't we work out? The question echoes in my weak mind. "I had too much doubt." Forget regrets I left behind. I wish I could shout. Because I noticed I'd been so blind. I should spit it out, what it was all about. I knew he was never my kind. [サビ] He said good-bye, as if he were to saying good-morning. I held him tight, so he wouldn’t see my tears flowing. For the last time, I gave him my thanks for all his caring. Such a big lie. It was so hard to keep myself smiling. Why? I still don't know why. Maybe because I felt him see through my lie. I felt so high. From my manic state, I felt like puking. I, too, said good-bye, and hoped he didn't hear me sniffling. Don't ask me why. That's how I ended our story. [ラップ] Rather than rot, I smoked some pot. I sang my best tracks and I munched my snacks. To let off steam, I had a daydream. 'Cause the pain was too extreme and I had to scream. I sit here all alone. Look at me, I'm so stoned. Like a kid, I want to moan, realizing he's gone. I slept for days and thought of ways out of the maze. I'm like a girl who strays. I know it ain't easy. So I can't be lazy. There are guys I gotta see. Someone who's not sneaky. I know what to do. Don't you dare give me a cue. After all I've been through, I don't think I need a clue. Nor do I seek a sign. 'Cause my life is mine. I woke up feeling fine, and I saw the sunshine. I practiced my smile, and I checked my style. I'm going to make my day. Let the chips fall where they may! [サビ] I say good-bye. To the me who needs someone's protection. Please, let me try. I must prove I am not past redemption. Both you and I, we were victims of self-deception. It's better to die than to live a life without conviction. I'll learn to get by. Even if I have to face rejections. Don't ask me why. That is how I long to be. I say good-bye. To anyone who stands in my way. I look up at the sky. I know it can't always look so gray. I can't just stand by. I will never again have this day. I'll stop being so shy. Just be myself and I'll be O.K. Why? 'Cause he'll be nearby. The one who'll make me feel like I can fly high. Stop asking why. Baby, it's my destiny.

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