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こんにちわ!!Jush Mochiru です!私はインドネシア人のhobby illustratorです.

Snow Miku & Yukine - Orchestra Player > ブクマでつながった作品

I designed this Snow Miku based on an elegant orchestra player!! Her instrument here is a euphonium. I felt that the sound of the euphonium could represent the more slow paced, mellow side of winter, like that feeling when you're quietly watching snow falling from the warm comfort of your own home.

I felt that a classical instrument works really well with the winter theme so I tried going with it.

She likes to compose her own songs so I thought about giving her sheet music and a special pen to write with. She attaches the feather pen back onto her beret when she's not using it.

I really loved making her fluffy curls and the detailing on the bottom of the skirt are based on frost patterns that you usually see on windows. The tips of the roses on her decor headpiece and Yukine's outfit are frozen too - and the borders of Miku's gloves are staffs from the music sheet.

She was absolutely a delight to design and I hope you enjoy admiring her as much as I enjoyed making her!!

投稿日時 : 2019/04/05 11:18    投稿者 :Jush Mochiru