2007年末に、ふとしたことから知ったVOCALOID、およびDTM環境の大いなる※いろいろな可能性に魅せられ、作曲を基礎から勉強し、初音ミク用に作詞作曲を開始。そして、皆さんの仲間に加わることといたしました。 (※ 「いろいろな可能性」について具体的には下記参照のこと)

The mascots of the recollection  > 作品つながり

The mascots of the recollection

The mascots of the recollection

There are two dolls being hung and swinging in my room. One is the dog which was given from that girl.
The other is frog given from those fellows when I was in my childhood long ago. 
We once were kittenish actively when we continued playing till a day went down
and admired the profile of that girl with a friend since she was so cute and neat.  
The frog is of the farewell gift from the moving friends. I was very lonely.
The dog is of that girl who was not able to come back from the hospital.  
All two of the dolls fades color considerably, and round eyes tell me far-off past.
The time in memory when I was in my childhood that dos not return.

There is a wooden duck in the bay window of the shop of the unoccupied house alone.  
Its vacant look that looks at the store's interior where there are nothing, seems lonely .
The house was the bookstore which had ever prospered here.  
There were the couple of proprietor , I always dropped in to here.  I had a silly chat with them. we were so happy.
Big buildings was built near here and drew customer, and the shopping district was deserted,
and this shop eventually closed too although the couple worked hard.  
Vacant eyes of the wooden goose are recollecting happy those days for long.
This house is demolished, too. Dear goose, dear remembrance of me , good-bye now.

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